Web tips and tricks; How to do it with ASP and HTML
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42 items in the HTML library
   "Unspamable" email link
   (HTML) Changing 2 frames at once
   Add a Custom Icon to the user's Favorites
   Add the Current Page to Favorites
   Adding a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page
   ASCII Character Chart
   Basics of Meta Tags
   Break out Of Frames
   Browser Detection
   Browser Tricks
   Cache No More
   Character Codes
   Color Chart By Name
   Color Specifier
   Colors for web pages | 216 browser-safe colors
   Colors Sorted by Hue
   Colors sorted by Lightness
   Colors sorted by name
   Colors sorted By Saturation
   Finding Parents for Orphaned Pages
   Forcing Pages to Reload
   Form Labels
   Hovering ToolTips
   How long to Load the Page?
   HTML Cheat Sheet
   Labels and Keyboard Shortcuts
   Link Tool Tips
   Making sure International Web Browsers Render you
   Meta Tags Tutorial
   Multiple Submit Buttons
   Now Playing on the Big Screen
   Redirect The Browser To Another Page
   Repeating Yourself, Repeating Yourself
   Set Home Page
   Setting Margins
   Single-Pixel GIFs
   Super MailTos
   Timing Your Splash Page
   Turn Off Autocomplete
   Use an Image to Submit Your Form
   Use Image as Submit Button
   Wrap Text in Netscape

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