Web tips and tricks; How to do it with ASP and HTML

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   (JavaScipt) Month and Date
   (JavaScript) Back Button
   (JavaScript) Drop Down Navigation Box
   (JavaScript) Last Updated Date in JavaScript
   (JavaScript) Link like the Back Button
   (JavaScript) Name, Visits, Last Visit
   (JavaScript) Password Generator
   (JavaScript) Printing a document with JavaScript
   (JavaScript) Simple Date Functions
   Capitalize First Letter of Each Word
   Change the Background color with a click
   Clickable Fading Text
   Close A Window
   Count Down To....
   Create a drop down list of email address
   Day and Date Sliding In
   Day of the Week Image Displayer
   Display Day of Week as an Image
   Document Created / Modified Date
   Dynamic create text boxes using Javascript
   Dynamic Drop Down Menu
   Enable Disabled Select Box
   Fade In Script
   Force the Browser to 800x600
   Javascript Confirm Delete
   Javascript Form Validation
   Javascript Forward and Back Buttons
   Javascript Submit Button Locker
   Mail A Link
   Mouseover Effects
   Night and Day Script
   Open a Full Screen Window with a Link
   Open a Page Full Screen
   Open a Pop Up Window (Advertising etc.)
   Open a popup window on Exit
   Page Update Time Stamp
   Pre-Load Images
   Prevent Enter From Submitting Form
   Quote of the Day
   Random Link
   Referrer Checker
   Set Maxlength to TextArea
   Setting Focus
   Slide Out Menu
   The Weekly Update
   Time Sensitive Greeting
   Tip Window Maker
   Traffic Cop
   Update the Window Status on MouseOver and Mouseou
   URL Redirect based on the Day Of The Week
   URL referrer based on day of week
   Use One Window To View Multiple Thumbnails
   View The HTML Source
   Zooming link script

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