Adding a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page

Wonder how some websites are able to place shortcut images inside the address bar, the Favorite menu or as an icon on your desktop? Well, Internet Explorer 5 allows for the placement of an image in the address bar.  This is an excellent way to distinguish your website from others.  The image that you'll ultimately be displaying as a shortcut on a PC will have the arrow in the lower left hand corner and will be displayed much smaller in the address bar than in the image editor you choose.  
The image must be in .ico (Windows Icon) format.  Not every image tool allows files to be saved in .ico format.  There are several applications that will convert files to .ico format.  

Understanding these limitations and once you create your image in .ico format, you're ready to display it online.  Simply add the following within the head tags on your document
<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF=" of file.ico">

The working script at looks like this

Images typically do not show up in the address bar until a page from that url has been saved locally on your PC and sometimes do not appear until after re-start, so be wary when creating your .ico

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