A lot on my mind


A lot on my mind

April 18 = not a good day.. for a lot of reasons. Trying to keep my head in a good space, but it's not always so easy. So this is a post about random stuff.

Dead End Job?

First, must suck to have a job.. wish I had one. That said.. how do you know if you're in a dead end job?
Your first clue might be your own unhappiness, but think of this too:
The Promotion Chain - has it been stalled? Or worse, non-exisitant?
Company Culture"Do your job, period".. are you not allowed the opportunity to take on new challenges or assignments?
Leadership - Bosses who mouth the words, "We're family here," but stand aloof are hypocrites. When was the last time your boss came into your office/cube/veal fattening pen and treated you like they would a customer?
Diconnected people build dead organizations.

Link Dump

Do you copy and paste a lot of text, or want less clicks to do some nifty things? Check out Click.To

Want to save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see? On your phone, your pc (or mac), tablet, etc? Do checkout Evernote

Syncing data on the web has always been a pain. Either you did it by hand or you buckled down and built it yourself with an API. If you weren't technical you had few places to turn for help. Check out Zapier and ifttt.

Want to track trends or interesting topics on the web? Maybe news for the place your work? Perhaps vanity watch? Try Google Alerts

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