Happy Birthday Dad


Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Pops.. hope you had a great day.

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I'm in luck because it would take more than 395 cans of Pepsi to ingest enough caffeine to kill me. How much of your favorite beverage can you drink before suffering death by caffeine?

A table of gas prices from around the world. A gallon of gas in Amsterdam is $6.48 while it's only $0.12 in Venezuela. It's always so weird to see these types of lists where the US has more in common with Third World and non-democratic countries than with Europe, Japan, etc.

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LBF says Drinks.. on 8/23/2005
BBS says EEGADS! on 8/26/2005
Did you look at the caffine db on that site?
Starbucks coffee is like crack to people because it it like CRACK!
Starbucks Tall Coffee 12oz 375 mg caffine or 31.25 mg/oz roughly 2 times stronget than anything else on that list

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