Check if a string is empty

Use this extremely useful to check whether a variable is empty or not. Originally posted at SitePointForums.

'Check a variable isn't "empty"
Function IsBlank(ByRef TempVar)

    'by default, assume it's not blank
    IsBlank = False

    'now check by variable type
    Select Case VarType(TempVar)
        'Empty & Null
        Case 0, 1
            IsBlank = True
        Case 8
            If Len(TempVar) = 0 Then
                IsBlank = True
            End If
        Case 9
            tmpType = TypeName(TempVar)
            If (tmpType = "Nothing") Or (tmpType = "Empty") Then
                IsBlank = True
            End If
        Case 8192, 8204, 8209
            'does it have at least one element?
            If UBound(TempVar) = -1 Then
                IsBlank = True
            End If
    End Select
End Function

Example Usage
If IsBlank(Session("username"))Then 
End If 

asp is empty empty string check for empty function

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