Display the Number of Users Online   

The codes contain two parts. The first part is part of the "global.asa" file which is to be placed directly under your root directory. The second part is the code to display the actual number of people online. You can also easily use the Client's Info code to find out your visitor's IP address and the time they visited your site.

The Code:

'--- codes to be placed in global.asa
<script language=VBScript runat=Server>
Sub Application_OnStart
    Application("WhoOn") = 0
End Sub

Sub Application_OnEnd
    '---nothing here
End Sub

Sub Session_OnStart
    Session.Timeout = 20
    '---lock Application variable before updating
        Application("WhoOn") = Application("WhoOn") + 1
End Sub

Sub Session_OnEnd
    Application("WhoOn") = Application("WhoOn") - 1
End Sub


code to display the actual number online
<%=Application("WhoOn")%> online now

The Result:

Number of Users on psacake.com now: 52

It's easy... it's a PSACAKE!
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