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How can I get Active Server Pages (ASP) to work?

For FrontPage with the Microsoft Personal Web server (PWS) on Windows 95 or Windows 98 load the asp.exe from the FrontPage 98 CD ROM. It's location is:
d:\60 Minute Intranet Kit\60 Minute Intranet Kit\modules\asp.exe.

For Windows NT download the Windows NT 4.0 Options Pack from Microsoft Personal Web Server Home Page.

Keep in mind that your account on the server hosting your web site also needs to support Active Server Pages.  For more information on ASP visit

To view your ASP pages locally the PWS needs to running, ASP needs to be loaded and the directory properties need to be set to allow scripts to run.  If these are set, then view the ASP page in a browser using the local URL like http://machinename/pagename.asp.

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How can I Search & Replace hyperlinks in multiple pages?

There's no easy way to globally search & replace hyperlinks in FrontPage. The easiest solution is to use a Third-Party Application like Search and Replace by Funduc Software.  This is a Shareware application that works very well with multiple files and folders.

The only other way is to use Edit/Replace (Ctrl+H) in the FrontPage Editor's HTML View. This is still limited to individual pages.

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How can I print the Verify Hyperlinks Results?

After using Verify Hyperlinks, add the Broken Links to the To Do List. After adding the Broken Links to the To Do list you can view or print the _vti_pvt/_todo.htm file.

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Where can I find a free hosting site that supports FrontPage?

NOTE:If you have questions or problems with these sites contact the hosting service provider directly. You can also post your question to the Microsoft FrontPage Newsgroup, microsoft.public.frontpage.client.

Check out Hypermart, Neotown and Tripod for free hosting services that offer FrontPage Server Extensions. Hypermart  is free business hosting service and they do not host personal sites.   Neotown offers free personal site hosting and charge for businesses.  Tripod isn't free, but close. For a limited time they are offering a free upgrade for your existing account to Premium Service for one year.

Windows Millennium offers a free 6 month personal account. After that you must pay a montly fee.

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Where can I find a service to host FrontPage web sites?

For a list of tested sites see Web Presence Providers Who Host Sites Created with FrontPage 98.

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How can hide Table Borders?

Right mouse click on the Table and select Table Propeties and set Border Size to 0 (zero).  If you use Table | Insert from the pull-down menus, it will use the new settings for the default properties.

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I get an error that says "FrontPage requires 32-bit TCP/IP networking." How do I fix it?

If you get when you attempt to start FrontPage, you may see the following error message:

FrontPage requires 32-bit TCP/IP networking. You do not have 32-bit TCP/IP networking installed. Would you like to see help on how to install it?

See the Microsoft article Q179267: No 32-bit TCP/IP Error After Installing Winsock 2.0

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How can I change the Discussion Web Sort Order?

Changing the sort order to newest to oldest is a known problem with FrontPage 98.  Microsoft has fixed the problem in the latest Server Extensions.   These work also work with the Personal Web Server on your local FrontPage Web. See Updated Server Extensions v. for Windows to download the extensions.

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My site search does not return any results. How do I get my Search Component to work?

First, the server hosting your site needs FrontPage Extensions installed.  In FrontPage Explorer use Tools | Recalculate Hyperlinks from the pull down menu on your local web before publishing.  If this does not work open the FrontPage Web on the server and do the same thing. 

If the above does not work, use FTP to access the server and Delete all files in the _vti_txt/default.wti folder that have the All. prefix.  These files are named like, All.dct, All.doc, All.fmt, All.fn, All.hl, All.idx, All.inv and All.src.   DO NOT Delete any other files. Use Windows File Explorer delete the same files in your local web. Open and Save the Search page in your local web. (This will keep from getting a No Files have Changed message when publishing.)  Then use Tools | Recalculate Hyperlinks rebuild the indices. Test your local web in a browser, then Publish your site to the server.  The Search should now work.  Using Tools | Recalculate Hyperlinks before Publishing helps prevent these problems.

The above directions are based upon Peter Perchansky's Solution.

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How can I create a form that allows users to upload files?

For Windows NT Servers, there's a great File Upload Tutorial at written by David Wihl at Software Artisans.

For CGI/Perl scripts for use on Unix Servers see The CGI Resource Index: Progams and Scripts for several options.

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