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Verizon Highs and Lows

First the high.. got us some FIOS installed last week.. woo doggie.. more to come on that.

The low.. it's really Verizon Wireless. The wife needed to update her phone.. it was two years old and showing it's age. So.. we swung by the VZW store. First, the sales guy was creepy, like real creepy, then he proceeded to tell us that we were on a corporate plan, and he could sell us a new phone but it would cost us an additional $80. We should really go back to our company. OK.. what company? He couldn't tell us. Anyway.. I got home.. fired up the FIOS, did everything online in about 10 minutes. Thanks.. nice customer service.

On the customer service flip side.. I bought a new TV from Panasonic. They called the day after I ordered it, asking me to call them back to setup delivery. So I called back, the couldn't have been nicer, told me that the local delivery guy would call me on Friday or Monday. Well.. corporate called me back on Friday, apologizing that they delivery guys hadn't called yet, they were having computer problems, it wouldn't be until Tuesday morning that they would call. Uh.. OK.. no problem.. thanks for the call. Sure enough.. Tuesday at about 9:30, Jim called from the delivery company, apologizing for not getting to me sooner (are you serious?!), asking if it would be possible for them to deliver on Friday between 9 and 11 (2 hour window?! Whoa), sure.. that'd be great, then he asked if this was the best number to call so that the driver could let me know that he was a 1/2 hour away. A++ from Panasonic.. I think I'd buy from them again.

VZW still sucks. Not 100% with Verizon FIOS.. pretty close.. a couple of things tick me off.. but I'll try and get over it.

LBF says arrive? on 7/26/2007
The TV THERE??!!

the erector says Hector on 7/27/2007
Jack and Dot got FIOS, screwed up their phone line, the internet would not work with any antivirus software running (including their version) Jack is still fuming that he paid for the whole house to be rewired with fiber optics and still got squat.... He is now back with AOL and DSL (which I am sure sucks just as bad)

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Size Matters?!

How big are some of those things up in the sky?

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky and is more than 1,000 light years away.

RantUser says So Cool on 11/20/2007
Feeling pretty small

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