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Imagine, if you will, a road without potholes. Hmmm.. wouldn't that be great?!
And now we snap right back to reality with gas at $1.69 a gallon. What the hell? Just as the summer travel season is starting? A coincidence? Is it me or do you also see a total lack of concern on the part of our leaders that the planet seems to be going to hell? Consider these facts gleaned from the New York Times over the last three months:
=>Core samples drilled from the top of the Himalayan Mountains shows that the last 100 years have been the warmest of the last millennium;
=>1998, 1999 and 2000 had the three warmest winters on record;
=>1998 and 1999 were the two hottest years on record;
=>Since the end of the last ice age 20,000 years ago the planet has warmed 5-9 degrees; but it will warm anywhere from 2-14 degrees over the next 100 years alone if emissions are not curtailed;
=>A group of eminent scientists returned from the North Pole recently to say they found water, not ice, on the top of the world.
I have a suggestion, although not a popular one, raise the price of gasoline. Ok.. so I don't really like that idea either. With gasoline in Europe costing in excess of $4 a gallon is it any wonder why Europeans are opting for fuel-efficient vehicles? With all those tiny cars whizzing around, I'll bet their emissions is nothing like ours. Perhaps we should impose an SUV tax? What's the hottest selling line of cars in America? Sports Utility Vehicles, some of which like the Dodge Durango get 12 miles to the gallon. The new 2-ton Ford Excursion gets a projected 10 miles a gallon. Not only is this trend costly, but it uses up precious resources and fills the air around us with obnoxious fumes that are filled with greenhouse gasses.
We have the technology to grow a person from a petri dish, but we can't mass produce cars that get more than 20 MPG? Oh.. wait... that's right, if we did that, we would put people out of work, or cut into the bajillion dollar profits of the Big Three. Although.. bottom line, wouldn't we all make out? We would use less gas, which means we would be paying less per tank of gas. But alas, instead we are worried who has the biggest truck in the parking lot.

bbs says Get em Off the Road on 5/1/2001
I don't care how they do it but as the driver of a car that averages over 31 mpg I wish those land yachts were banned from the highways just so I could see more than the car in front of me. Also didn't anyone else learn the "2 Second Rule" in drivers ed.?
I am sick of idiots almost in my trunk, and the other ones squeezing infront of me, Excuse me that would be MY SPACE!

RantUser says Hey Dick on 5/31/2001
You can use 128 bit encryption with a 40 bit browser. Try reading up on things before you make a fool of yourself.

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Buy a house... sell a house... how much can you do in one weekend?! Now all we need to do is pass title IV on the septic, and we'll be all set. I'll add a link to the picture of the new digs shortly.An astute psacake contributor found the following on a financial services website:
Is account information on Merrill Lynch OnLine secure?

Absolutely. When you visit the Merrill Lynch OnLine site and provide your ID and password your session is encrypted at the 128-bit secure level - even if your browser is a 40-bit browser.

Uh.. ok.. that is kind of like saying your flat tire is only flat on the bottom. How in the world did this make it past the QA eyes? How can you use 128 bit security on a browser that only supports 40 bit security? I'm confused.
Why do people ask

B B S says Here is the answer on 4/26/2001
Q: Can I ask you a question?
A: You just did and there is a 1 question limit.

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NEW YORK (AP) For parents struggling to juggle work and child-raising, the news compounded their daily dilemmas: A comprehensive study found that children who spend many hours in day care are more likely to be aggressive and defiant.

It's actually too bad that because the government is holding a gun to our heads to make us pay taxes, that many women simply can't afford to stay home. If we had lower taxes and Dad could support the whole family, don't you think we would all be better off? As an equal opportunity offender, Mom could certainly make the dough, and Dad could stay home... that's ok too... but not the point. In the same vein, it's really too bad that women who stay home with their kids are stigmatized. When people ask what they do, they say "Oh... I just stay home with the kids." or "I'm just a homemaker". Hey.. the last time I checked those are the two hardest most important jobs in the world! and oh yah.. they don't get paid for it! What are we thinking! We'd rather work our asses off and put our kids in daycare? Ah... the american way! Ok.. I understand that in some cases that daycare is way better than kids staying home with heroin shooting mom.. but that is an extreme case. Hey morons in Washington... lower our taxes so we can raise our children right.. after all, we don't want to piss them off, they'll be making the rules before we know it.
Having a really good day? Want to get a headache? Click here and watch closely. That Dirt Dirt has way too much time on his hands.

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On Easter, some inmates rioted in a jail, because they had been denied TV, Cigarettes, and weighlifting. Uh... isn't this jail? It's not daycare, they are in jail because they did something they weren't supposed to do. What are the chances that some of the inmates will sue the MA Department of Corrections? It seems only right... after all... the people that pay the highest price for crime are the taxpayers... your tax dollars hard at work. They shouldn't get TV, cigarettes or anything for that matter. They should have no rights... they shouldn't get 3 squares a day, they shouldn't get anything... Jail should be a place that is so bad that you would kill yourself rather than go to jail... hey.. that's an idea...Driving home today, I noticed a sign that said

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Hmmm... 3 years ago today I was a new dad for the second time...


I think I like

Unky Sean says Congrats Cam on 4/12/2001
No Pic of the Birthday Boy??? What happened to that Digital camera?
Anyways Happy birthday to the guy that you mother wished upon you when we were growing up. I remember, I was there!
I wish I could've made it for cake, Oh well... I don't need the calories.

Cam's Dad says Birthday Boy on 4/13/2001
Here you go!

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There is a house that I drive by on my way home that is quite curious... They had their Christmas lights up in early November. No big deal right? Well... the sleigh and reindeer are still on the roof.. ok.. no big deal, we've had snow... it's dangerous. They also still have the tree up. Ok.. so the tree has gone through several transformations. Christmas lights from November to January. All red lights in February for Valentines day. All green lights in March for St. Patrick's day. Now... white lights with eggs on the tree. It's very bizzare. What the hell goes on in that house?So what do you think Dubya said to himself last week when the Chinese had 24 of our US Servicemen and an airplane? Uncle Dick... Uncle Dick.. what do we do now?! And thank god that Jessie Jackson offered to help. Geesh.. what would we do without Jessie. Jessie's biggest problem is that the Chinese government won't let him into the PRC. Why? Because, after all, they are trying to control the population growth... and Jessie lets his other head do the thinking sometimes.
I heard an interview with Buddy Cianci yesterday, he was touting his innocence in his 90 page indictment. One of the charges is that he, or someone in his administration, accepted a $5,000 bribe in exchange for a city job. When asked about this, Buddy replied:

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April, already... where did the time go... So re-org'd... woo hoo how fun. One day you have no responsibility, the next... you've got it all.Hmm.. new furnace at my house, the oil company came to

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