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Are you kidding me?

Michael Morales, 46, was scheduled to die Tuesday by injection for torturing, raping and murdering a 17-year-old girl 25 years ago.

But officials at San Quentin State Prison could not meet the demands of a federal judge who ordered licensed medical personnel to take part in the execution. Because of ethical considerations, there were no takers, and the execution was called off.

The jackass judge wanted to make sure that Morales didn't feel any pain. WHAT? Torture, rape and murder, and we're worried that he's going to feel a little pinch?

Olympic Update

Hockey - Canada, USA down, out and over.
Davis suing city of Chicago for racial profiling.
Bode injures ankle playing hoops.
Jumping for show, Jacobellis gives up the gold.
American Idol gets better ratings.
Canada beats the US 11-5 in curling.
Curling is the No. 2 sport in Canada behind hockey.

You know what the Olympics most remind me of? Miss America. The pageant worked the same dodge for decades, giving us competitors we'd never heard of, putting on acts we didn't really care about, with judging we often didn't understand.

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Our Tax Dollars

Our Tax Dollars hard at work.

There is a contestant in American Idol that is from Massachusetts... and it's great that her father is in California to support her. Shouldn't Senator Scott Brown be at work? Last I checked the MA Senate isn't on recess. Glad he's working for me.

In other news...Legislators voice fear on new armor-piercing weapons.
Is the time-tested truism that criminals can get their hands on anything they want (drugs, guns, money), regardless of its legal status, some kind of revelation for these people? Are they just now waking up to this?

In one breath they propose banning the sale of handguns to law-abiding citizens, to get them "off the streets". In the very next breath they acknowledge that criminals intent on violating the law will have no problem buying ammunition for the hopefully-soon-to-be-banned handguns on the black market.

Just where do they think the criminals are getting their guns in the first place?

Bottom line is that laws such as this affect only those citizens prone to - wait for it - obeying the law. The principle of supply and demand that drives the black market cannot be wished away by any level of feel-good, hand-holding, fairy tale adventures in lawmaking.

Violent gangbangers, intent on murdering their fellow scumbags, are walking the streets with complete disregard for Attorney General Reilly's Approved Firearms Roster.

Shocking, no?

There's simply not enough gun control here in Massachusetts. Though, who could blame the Police for taking that stance? There's actual, dangerous policework involved with "stringently regulating" criminals. It's so much easier (not to mention, possible) to restrict my rights by passing more gun laws instead.

I love Massachusetts.

That Guy says Used to Work in Britain on 2/28/2006
The British used to have very effective gun control: If you used a gun to commit a crime in which someone was killed, you automatically got to ride in Mr. Edison's Rocking Chair. British Bobbies didn't even carry guns.

I have a friend who's a reporter in suburban England. She routinely reports on things like charities being vandalized, homeowners unable to protect their property, and the police completely ineffective at stopping hoodlums.

Shoot, it's better than that in Massachusetts, but give 'em time.

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Happy Valentines Day!

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