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Dale Earnhardt Jr. 4th turn of the first lap of the next race. hmm.. what are the chances?Back to work... really not all it's cracked up to be. I much prefer staying home... but then again, staying home just doesn't pay the bills. Although... it might be nice to work from home, perhaps a home business? Hmm... heck of an idea. Oh yeah.. that takes money doesn't it? I figure I really only need about 150k to be my own boss.
Also in the news about work... 8 months ago we went from MediVation to iMcKesson. Ok.. that's was a good thing, a 164 year old 'start up' company... Well... guess what... turned out to be a dot bomb. Conglomo decided to make conglomo even bigger by rolling the i back into McKesson/HBOC. So yay... new org charts... again, another e-mail address, new business cards, more changing of the logo's woo hoo... we even need to rip the i off the logo on the

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Ok.. the question here is why did half the text get cut off? I did some upgrades... exported the data, and then imported it again.. it's all there... why ain't it showing? Ok.. so that question doesn't require an answer.Dale Earnhardt.... last corner of the last lap of the Daytona 500.. geesh
It's been more than a week since my last post.. what's up with that? OK.. so I am / was on vacation (vacation from work... ) this week, and I've actually been pretty good about staying away from the computer. I haven't checked my e-mail at work at all.. nor my voice mail... I only called work once.. and it was upon request and totally un-related to work. I could get used to this... oh wait... I've had the opportunity to live my wife's life for the past few days... God Bless her.. I have NO idea how she does it. Hands down hardest job in the world, and dammit she is really good at it.Rules of thumb for DIY Home Improvement (that's Do It Yourself):
You're going to need more of whatever it is that you are buying than you think you do. In my case about 8 more tiles that what I bought the first time.
It's going to take twice as long as you think it is.
The chances are pretty good that the more complex the project, the more un-planned trips to Home Depot or ACE are required.
If you have small children, and you are doing anything close to the floor, the are going to climb on you.
Those same small chilren will want to 'help' too.
When installing tile, take a lesson from Monica's notebook, buy knee pads...
For the record, my new bathroom vinyl tile looks pretty darn good.. and only required a trip to HD for some additional tiles, related to a Math error, and a couple of screw-ups... not bad. It did take twice as long, but really only because I didn't have enough tiles, so I stretched it over multiple days. NO extra trips to ACE, the kids did help, and they did climb on me, and I did buy knee pads.. best 10 bucks I've spent in some time. Extra added bonus.. No blood loss!

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So, did you figure it out? Or is it just a bunch of random characters on the screen formed in such a way to make the viewer contort his or her face, and get frustrated that they can't see anything? You decide.Next time a kid tells you that he or sh

BBS says Uhhh on 2/15/2001
So??? It looks like a Don Martin (old Mad Magazine) character after getting run over by or is it run under a steam roller.

O O say can you seeeeeee by the dawns early light...
Ha there are the first 11

Ryan says I got the next few! on 2/16/2001
What so proudly we hailed, through the twilight's last gleaming

RantUser says ?? on 2/28/2001

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Happy Birthday to Mom

the wife says You've got to be kidding! on 2/12/2001
Can anyone, EVER, see images in these things?

Bbs says Uh No on 2/13/2001
I though It was just me I tried all sortsa ways to see and and Nuttin. Maybe the management is just trying to see the faces we make when we try. We'll all end up like the CCA!!!

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Upgrades upgrades... how fun.Note to self... don't start this crap at 10:30 at Night.. it's really a no win situation.
An update on the Tonka / Hasbro Boycott. I wrote a letter to CEOs of Hasbro and Funrise Toys (Hasbro licenses Funrise), fully

BBS says 9 Years huh??? on 2/7/2001
Who was I with when I met her VDay, oh god it WAS my ex-wife!!!
Thank god EX because now I am the happiest man in the world, no kids no minivan (had a problem typing that word)

BBS again says hmmm on 2/7/2001
this new look doesn't like BBS all caps as the user???

bbs says me Again on 2/7/2001
what is the answer to the etch a sketch question???
What the heck is in that thing???

the wife says Sister-In-Law on 2/8/2001
This is to BBS...what makes you think that being the happiest man in the world doesn't include the kids and the minivan...Let's just wait and see...
P.S. Yes the red leather mini-skirt and heels on V-day that year was me (before the kids and the minivan)

BBS says response to the Wife on 2/8/2001
The X wife part makes me happy, but the Future wife makes me Happiest!!! Dunno 'bout the kids n the minivan but I'll take your word for it

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OMG IT'S SNOWING! What are we going to do? Nice 90 minute drive home... which was short in comparision to some others. My biggest complaint about the drive home, is the morons in their SUV's. Bunch of A-Holes. First.. just because you have an SUV, it does

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A Belated Happy Birthday to

BBS says Ummm on 2/4/2001
He bugs gore??? Where is the Dubaya?

MGMT says Disclaimer on 2/4/2001
Ok... so perhaps we should have left out the Dubya...
Do I need a disclaimer that we only check some facts, and that spelling doesn't count?

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Upgrading... how fun!

RantUser says Test on 2/22/2001
Upgrades are always fun! Particulary when you lose data!

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