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Nollaig Shona Duit!

RantUser says Gaelic? on 12/24/2001
pronounced as 'null-ig hun-a dit'

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This just in... Man swallowed by whale... runs until pooped out.

lbf says Whos line? on 12/20/2001
Did you see that on Whos Line is it Anyway?

RantUser says whatever on 1/2/2002
in case you all didn't know....i foung out Hugh G. Rection has a brother.....his name is Lar G.!!!

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If only I could take even some of the pain away.

lbf says Bummer on 12/19/2001
When can we sign the cast?!

the wife says In pain on 12/19/2001
cast-signing on Christmas Day...typing w/ 1 hand bites...I am the weakest link, goodbye

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I hate computers.. I had a really good update going, then IE decided it was tired and didn't want to play anymore. WhaaBAAMM gone! Dammit.I was doing a vanity search.. and I found some interesting stuff., interesting.. one from China, one from Taiwan. All and all not a terrible thing, although I hope I don't get a visit from the FBI. In November my little slice of the internet averaged 3,100 page views a day. Who would have thunk it!

BBS says Take a Stand on 12/11/2001
'nuf Said

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FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOWOK.. Listen up... you're not going to get free food from Outback, Mircosoft/AOL/NIKE/Disney/whoever isn't going to pay you $8 for each person you send mail to, you're not going to get

Just Me says PS on 12/5/2001
What do you do? VOTE!

BBS says &%*& on 12/6/2001
I swear what else would you expect from Me?

LBF says Not me on 12/6/2001
I don't send my stuff to EVERYONE..people would think I was sick.

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Cost of Christmas marches higher
How much would it cost you to surprise your loved one with all the goods and services of “The 12 Days of Christmas” – from 12 drummers drumming to a partridge in a pear tree? The whole package will set you back $15,748 this year, according to fund-management firm PNC Advisors. The 2001 figure is up 3.5 percent from last year’s $15,210 – a faster rise than the overall inflation rate.
Research experts at PNC Advisors have tracked the Christmas Price Index every year for the past 17 years. They say the index provides a good assessment of changing prices for goods and services across the economy. But wait.. there is more! In case you’re wondering about the repetitions – recall that the partridge in a pear tree is repeated 12 times – the “true cost of Christmas” is up to $62,935 this year from $60,307 in 2000.
I'll take two!

BBS says shop online on 12/6/2001
I read a similar story that said that if you bought the 12 items on line you would spend almost $60,000. I guess all those drummers drumming need special shipping & handling, and those leaping Lords are prolly all over weight...

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December already, it's Christmas time.. really...start shopping yet?We are on HIGH Alert.. again.. or still.. I'm not sure which. I don't really understand why Tommy Thompson feels it necessary to come tell us for the third time that we are on high alert. Is this different from the first two times? Or is our attention span that short that he needs to remind us again? Perhaps he needs better speech writer. Well.. ok.. he probably needs some staff and the power to actually do something instead of another governmental stuffed shirt.
I heard a commercial on the radio today for Firestone Winter blah blah blah tires.. come in get yours today.. and if you can find them someplace else we'll give you 150% of the difference. Well.. great.. but don't you buy them from the Firestone dealer? They probably all have the same price. Interesting.I've added a page for surveys/polls.. click the link over there <- that says Survey Says. Not much there yet.. but an opportunity to do a little XML. Learn by doing.
PFUNGSTADT, Germany (Reuters) - A German Santa Claus came under investigation on Monday for slapping a boy and locking him in a broom cupboard, police said.

What are the chances that the kid deserved it? Or the parent didn't have a clue.. the parent probably deserved it too!

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