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Here we go

I wish that this clip wasn't edited so much, however, still very intresting.

Robert Reich, Obamas economic advisor doesnt want recovery jobs for "White Male Construction Workers" Charlie Rangel says Middle class wont fight back Charlie Rangel and Robert Reich are conspiring to ensure SOCIAL ENGINEERING and WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION

BBS says Hey on 1/27/2009
I am a white male construction worker, I want some bailout too. In case no one has told you the construction market is HORRIBLE now!

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Yes We Can?

Below is from Dave Lozo Dot Com

Look. I'm all for Obama. But all of these people (especially the well-to-do white ones) today who are getting all emotional and weepy and in awe of all the "history" taking place...are you people OK? Like, are you OK in the head? Obama won the election two months ago. I understood the need for tears and all that then. But getting emotional about the inauguration is like getting emotional during the ring ceremony after your favorite team wins the Super Bowl. Can we let Obama, I don't know, do something first? “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.” Or are we going to have to praise and cry over all of Obama's firsts? First White House dump, first trip to Europe, first vacation, first ride in Air Force One, first fart on the White House couch, first time rubbing one out when Michelle and the kids are away for the day. I'm glad we're not treating Obama differently because he's, you know, Hawaiian.

Can't agree more.

I'm with you on the Historical significance of the day, but come on people. How does this DIRECTLY effect you?
Do I hope the economy turns around?
Yes, absolutely.
Does the POTUS have the magic button to make that happen?
Absolutely not.

I'm all for change, it was time for GWB to go, but please, can the guy actually do something before we get all weak kneed?

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