Use Image as Submit Button

This article describes how to use an image in place of the standard Submit button in a form.

When you want to submit a form with a text link instead of the normal form submit button:
Create an image with the text you want to use.
Use the <input type="image" tag instead of the <input type="submit" tag. The image you use will be the image you just created.

The <input type="image" tag looks something like this:
<input type="image" name="myclicker" src="image.jpg" width="55" height="22">

Notice that the scr=, width=, and height= attributes are the same as they would be in an <img... tag. The <input type="image" tag can also contain positioning attributes like the <img... tag can.

Using FrontPage

To use an image rather than the standard Submit button in a form, follow these steps:

  1. In FrontPage Editor, click New on the File menu.
  2. Click the Page tab. Select Normal Page and click OK.
  3. Create your form.
  4. Click the Submit button and press DELETE.
  5. On the Insert menu, point to Form Field, and then click Image.
  6. Select the image you want and click OK.

When you click this button on the form, the form's contents will be submitted. Note that you can also use an animated GIF.

NOTE: These steps create a generic button that submits the contents of the form. To reset the form, you will need to use the standard Reset button.

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