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Web builders are not just working from their offices anymore. They're taking their work with them on the road and offline. If you occasionally need to take your Web work where an Internet connection won't go, FrontPage's Publish feature is just what you need. It creates a disk-based copy of your site (in a folder on your local hard drive) so you can work on it while you're on the backroads of Bora Bora.

To publish your site to your local file system, click the Publish button in FrontPage Explorer. In the Publish dialog box, click the More Webs button. Then type in the full path where you want your site located. If the folder doesn't exist, FrontPage will offer to create it.

When you're finished, you can simply copy the new folder to a disk and take it with you wherever you go.

Another benefit is that you can now post the site to any Web server, no matter what type it is. Note, however, that your FrontPage Components will not work unless the server has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed. These Components include the Search form, Form Results (the default form-handler), the Discussion form, and the Registration form.

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