RmDir Statement:

The RmDir statement deletes a directory or folder. The required path argument must be absolute and include the drive letter. If you are unsure of the path to your web server's root, use server.mappath in the path argument.

RmDir path
Example Usage:
<% RmDir "C:\New Folder" %>

<% RmDir server.mappath("/New Folder") %>
ASP Source Code:
Private Sub RmDir(byVal path)
	Dim objFSO, boolErr, strErrDesc
	boolErr = False
	On Error Resume Next
	Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")
	objFSO.DeleteFolder path
	if Err Then 
		boolErr = True
		strErrDesc = Err.Description
	end if
	Set objFSO = Nothing
	On Error GoTo 0
	if boolErr then Err.Raise 5100, "RmDir Statement", strErrDesc
End Sub