GetWebPage Function:

The GetWebPage Function outputs the HTML source of a specified web address. The GetWebPage Function expects a valid web site address or URL as input. GetWebPage requires you to install a free java class file (HTTPFetch.class) onto your server. The installation instructions and java files can be found here. GetWebPage returns Null if the required files cannot be found on the server.

string = GetWebPage( HTTPAddress )
Example Usage:
Dim strPage
 ' get the html source of the asp emporium home page and store it 
 ' into the variable strPage.
strPage = GetWebPage( "" )
ASP Source Code:
Private Function GetWebPage(byVal address)
	Dim Fetch
	On Error Resume Next
	Set Fetch  = GetObject("java:HTTPFetch")
	If Err Then
		GetWebPage = Null
		Exit Function
	End If
	On Error GoTo 0
	GetWebPage = Trim( Fetch.GetURL(address) )
	Set Fetch  = Nothing
End Function