Check Function:

The Check function checks a string for a specified length. There are two required arguments, Input and Length. Input is the string to check. Length is the required size of the string. Check returns True if the string is the specified length or False if it does not. Check will return null if the input string is null.

boolean = Check(input, length)
Example Usage:
 ' String must be 7 characters long - Returns False
Response.Write Check("Bill Gearhart", 7)

 ' string must be 4 characters long - Returns True
Response.Write  Check("Bill", 4)
ASP Source Code:
Private Function Check(byVal Input, byVal length)
	Dim a
	if IsNull(Input) Then 
		Check = Null
		Exit Function
		a = Len(Input)
		If CLng(a) = CLng(length) Then 
			Check = True 
			Check = False
		End If	
	End If
End Function