Delete Postings from a FrontPage Discussion Web

The following technique is based on a suggestion I received by email from "jwm" to clean up the mess FP98 produces when you delete discussion messages. It removes the spaces ( ) that FP98 inserts into the table of contents (tocproto.htm) between the subject, the poster's name, and the date.

I performed the following steps which cleaned up the messed table of
contents of my discussion:

1) View the messed up discussion in your browser

2) Delete the undesired messages in FP98 Explorer.

3) Start WordPad and open tocproto.htm (located in the disc* folder).

4) Do a global replace of " " with nothing.

5) Save tocproto.htm. (when prompted, select: save as text".)

6) In FP98 Explorer: [tools] [recalculate hyperlinks].

7) Refresh the browser [F5] and enjoy. 

It's easy... it's a PSACAKE!
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